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Cap Folding Machine


  • Today’s tamper proof caps used in still water, filled products, carbonated drinks etc are made using post moulding operation called folding and slitting.
  • Folding process applies to tamper proof caps that uses folded flap type ratchet as they are easy to cap and is more efficient and fool proof system compared to conventional ratchet mechanism.
  • The capping torque for these variant of tamper proof caps are very low and line rejections are to the minimum with minimum leak angle and better tamper proof function
  • The injection/compression moulded caps are normally dropped into a sorting bin and fed into a rotary type cap folding machine which folds the open moulded flaps into the locking position of the tamper evident band
  • Our strength to deliver high performance moulds with the help of our know-how with proper development procedures which involves innovative design, accurate planning, precise mould making techniques , stringent quality control methods, skilled man power and team work all put together


Min. cap diameter 25MM
Max. cap diameter 60MM
Min. cap height 15MM
Max. cap height 30MM
Folding Speed 12000-25000pcs/hr
Power 1.8KW
Contour dimensions 1400×800×1500MM
Machine weigh 680KG