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Sample A portion of a material collected according to a defined sampling procedure. The size of any sample should be sufficient to allow all anticipated test procedures to be carried out, including all repetitions and retention samples. If the quantity of material available is not sufficient for the intended analyses and for the retention samples, the inspector should record that the sampled material is the available sample (see Sampling record) and the evaluation of the results should take account of the limitations that arise from the insufficient sample size.
  • 1 General considerations Sampling comprises the operations designed to select a portion of a pharmaceutical product (for definition, see glossary) for a defined purpose. The sampling procedure should be appropriate to the purpose of sampling, to the type of controls intended to be applied to the samples and to the material to be sampled. The procedure should be described in writing. All operations related to sampling should be performed with care, using proper equipment and tools. Any contamination of the sample by dust or other foreign material is liable to jeopardize the validity of the subsequent analyses.
  • The Cohesive Pocket Sampler has been specially adapted from the Pocket Sampler for free flowing powders,
  • to enable the taking of samples from damp and cohesive powders.
  • Scrapers have been added to push the sticky powder into the sample pockets. Scrapers are fully welded to give a hygienic, GMP correct sampler.
  • Type: Multilevel (discrete samples) Material: 316 Stainless steel construction.
  • Sampling method That part of the sampling procedure dealing with the method prescribed for withdrawing samples
We are manufacturers of Stainless Steel Powder Sampler in SS 316 Quality in different size.
Powder Sampler: Made out from SS 316 Seamless Round Pipe Size:
  • 48″ long x (3 Slots/2 Slots/1 Slot)
  • 36″ long x (3 Slots/2 Slots/1 Slot)
  • 24″ long x (3 Slots/2 Slots/1 Slot)
  • 18″ long x (3 Slots/2 Slots/1 Slot)
  • 12“ long x (2 slots/1 slot)
Die size:
  • 0.2 ml (minimum size 0.2 ml)
  • 0.5 ml
  • 1 ml
  • 1.5 ml
  • 2 ml
  • 2.5 ml
  • 3 ml
  • 3.5 ml
  • 4 ml
  • 4.5 ml (maximum size 4.5 ml)
The Slot Sampler is ideal for taking a large volume, cross sectional sample from a container. The sampler has a robust all stainless steel construction and is suitable for sampling free flowing powders, granules and even slightly cohesive powders.
Type: Cross section (composite sample)
Material: 316 stainless steel, bright finish
General: Suitable for taking large volume samples.
  • Insert the sampler into the product.
  • At the required depth rotate handle to expose the collecting pockets.
  • Rotate the sampler through 360° so the product is pushed into the collecting pockets.
  • Rotate handle to close pockets and remove sampler.
  • Invert the sampler to discharge the sample.